Questions to Ask Your Videographer

Chances are good that you might have some questions for your videographer after you’ve decided (or are in the process of deciding) to make the investment. We’ve done some of the homework for you here! Of course, our FAQ’s section highlights and answers some general questions and we are always available for questions via email.

  1. What kind of camera equipment do you use? Are you able to capture and produce high definition footage?
  2. What kind of audio equipment do you use? Will we be able to hear the vows, toasts, etc?
  3. What kind of editing software do you use?
  4. Can we be involved in the editing process? Do we get to choose background music?
  5. What is your filming style?
  6. What format will our final production be in?
  7. Do we get to see an early version of the final production?
  8. How many other shoots do you have on the date of our wedding?
  9. Have you ever shot at our ceremony and/or reception locations before?
  10. Who is responsible for gathering videography guidelines from the church or synagogue?
  11. What is the additional cost for travel?
  12. When will we get the final production?
  13. How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?
  14. Are references available?
  15. Who owns the copyright to the video?
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