Welcoming our newest team member, Jenna!

When you’re a small business, you get really excited about adding new team members. It’s not everyday that your company grows by 50%. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Jenna to the Pauley Productions team. She is joining us as an intern for the summer and fall. Jenna is currently a Hope College student where she is studying Communications and has experience with producing and editing video with professional equipment. Jenna will be graduating in the Spring of 2017 and after that she hopes to pursue a career in Social Media management and video production. When she isn’t putting all her effort into school work, Jenna enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching magic tricks on YouTube and working with the Hope College mascot, “Dutch.”

Jenna is the perfect candidate for jumping in to our small but busy team. She’ll gain real world experience on running a small business and grow her skills with video editing, shooting, and marketing. Plus, we could use the help with balancing our full time jobs and running Pauley. We’re confident that its going to be a great experience for us and our clients. Of course, our end-goal remains the same: offer high quality and affordable videography and we think that we’ll be better at carrying out that mission with Jenna’s help.

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